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Hi, i have a question about Pareto Front solution , testing on Wallacei X_Example File that you putting up on site, so i test it with( generation count:40  , generation size:10) and in last generation advised 3 Pareto front solution that i marked in jpeg attach file , so from the result of fitness objectives I don’t understand why these three solutions are marked as Pareto front, because in the definition of Pareto front i understand that Pareto front solution keep one or two solutions in the best mode for one objective and balance for other objectives.

so on what basis Pareto Front solutions are offered?(according to this example)

thanks for your attention...

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The solutions that are not dominated by any other solutions are what comprise the Pareto optimal front. I suggest you do further research in subjects like Pareto Optimal Front, Dominance Value and Objective Space. These might be helpful to better understand the Pareto Optimal Front.






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