algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi, i'm pretty sure there's a bug in the Parallel Coordinate Plot component as it returns solutions way out of range of the whole population (see the image attached where the solution index is 75 out of 16 idividuals in total)


I guess it's outputting the fraction instead of a remainder 

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Hi Igor, thanks for raising this. I’ll have a look into it and get back to you.

Hi Igor, what version of wallacei are u using? and for which version of rhino (5 or 6)? please send your file if you have it on hand.

Thank you for your response, it's on Rhino 6 and wallacei 2.4 from 03.07.19. I'd rather not share the exact file but i've prepared and attached a simple one to simulate the problem. I also attach a possible solution to that problem. Btw just from the user experience standpoint it'd be nice to keep consistency in the order and naming of displaying of Gen and Ind in the list and in the Wallacei Analytics tab to make it easier to select the proper solution. See the image attached below:

it's the first time i upload a file to grasshopper3d, i think i may have done something wrong the last time, so i upload it like that:






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