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Hi everyone! im new to Wallacei and evolutionary simulation in general. Im trying to learn the basics with Wallacei tutorial videos, but there are some things i dont understand yet.

Im playing around with wallacei to see if i can use it for my university final project. My idea is to make dwelling unit houses inside an urban park. this units will be located 'randomly' in plan, and also in heights, and each unit house will be connected with ramps.

I have done a simple grasshopper definition to show the main idea. 
I use Gene pool to control the heights of different units, and then connected some of this units with lines (represents ramps). i would like to optimize the heights of the differents units, in order to have a % slopes from 1 - 10%, being this the Fitness objective.

where in my definition i write this 1 - 10% slopes?

I hope someone can help me understanding this to continue my following experiments.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Pedro,

I suggest you have a look at my previous discussion:

In my case I was looking at a way to implement an objective range and then filter all options which are generated, but fall outside that range. The fourth option in Milad's answer could help you get started I think! Best of luck. 

kind regards,


Hi Pedro,


Nathaniel, thank you for your reply. Pedro, Nathaniel is right we had a similar question before.

But briefly, you can define your fitness objectives in such a way to bound a numerical value (in your case is slope) between the desired domain (in your case is 1 percent to 10 percent).

I have attached screenshots of the formulation of the objectives as well as the GH file.

One note, you can either combine two numerical values into one fitness objective (each numerical value is trying to get the slope as close as possible to its goal, 1 percent, and 10 percent) and conduct a single objective optimization. Or you can treat each numerical value as one fitness objective and conduct a multi-objective optimization. Both options are in the file I attached.

Hope Wallacei would be helpful for your project,










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