algorithmic modeling for Rhino


I have 2 sliders attached as genes.

One of them controls the quantity of the points the other one (gene pool) controls their positions.

I would like to export the fittest solutions for each of the quantities of points. Is this possible?

Also, it would be good to have the possibility to prioritize fitness goals. Let's say we have 3 goals, we can use 3 sliders (0 to 1) to mark their priorities and based on that get the fittest solutions.

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Hi Mesrop,


Regarding your first question, what is the fitness objective in this scenario? You need to provide more info/ or file for us to better understand your question. But roughly based on what I understood one way to address this is to run the optimization problem for each of the values of the quantities of the points. (not having the quantities as an input gene rather having it as a constant parameter in the simulation). By running multiple optimization problems for different quantities of the points you are practically finding the best solution for each quantity value. 

And regarding your second question, we are working on this and we have some exciting new features in this regard, hopefully, in the future releases, this feature will also be included in Wallacei.

Thanks for reply Milad,

What you have described is precisely what I did. Through manual constant values for one slider. Fortunately, the value collection for this slider is not big, however for the big ones it would be good to have a way to automate it.

Nice to hear about the coming features. Looking forward))






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