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Hi, is there a way to select the optimal solution by weighted average of all the fitness values? I really like the built-in tool to select the best fitness average but I'd like to tell wallacei that some of the fitness parameters are more important than others (and by how much) and select the solutions based on that.
All help is appreciated.

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Hi Igor,

We are working on exciting new features including fitness weight for our future releases. At this moment it is not possible to do this in the UI. However, there are ways around it using Parallel Coordinate plot component in the Analysis tabs. Take a look at that. 



Great to hear that. Do you suggest multiplying the fitness values coming from Wallacei X by their respective weights before inputting them into parallel coordinate plot component, or doing it somehow differently?
On a side note: I can see there is a way of rearranging the fitness criteria order but the component only takes integers from 1 to 5 - my optimisation problem requires more than 5 fitness criteria.






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