algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi how can I open/access simulation result? from this window I only able to see Objective Space but not the SD graphs nor Parallel Coordination Plot.

I'm using Wallacei 2.6 on Rhino 6

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Hi Gilang,

After you run your simulation, you can access the sd graphs in Tab 2 of the Wallacei User interface by clicking the 'Draw' button at the bottom of the page, and you can access the paraellel coordinat plot in tab 3 by click on 'draw parallel coordinate plot' at the top of tab 3. watch the video below for more information about how to visualise the graphs in Wallacei UI.

ah got it! I thought we can show the same result in the Setting tab.
Thanks Mohammed.

note also that when you run a simulation and close the grasshopper definitio; when you open the definition again and open the Wallacei UI, you wont be able to see the graphs on tab 1 (except for the objective space) as these graphs are available to you in tabs 2 and tab 3.






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