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Sorry for class be cancelled yesterday, as I said before I had a really bad case of the flu.  The next few classes will be focusing on the various plug-ins that Grasshopper has to offer.  All plug-ins can be found at this website:

Th plug-in we were going to focus on yesterday was Kangaroo - a form finding mesh editing software.  The instructions for downloading it can be found here, although all computers in the lab should already have it loaded.

Your assignment for next week is found below.

Assignment #6

1.  You are to model a membrane shading structure for the WAAC outdoor courtyard adjacent to 1001 Prince Street (seen below).

This is an abstract model - no measurements are required.  A basic model would be the walls of the the various building and the ground.  Spend a few minutes in the space and get a feeling for what a shading membrane would look like in the space.

2.  Use the Kangaroo plug-in to make the mesh.  I would look at the tutorials below (do part 2 of the design Analyze as a minimum).

There is also a manual that comes with the download.  It should be on the share file at the WAAC; if not just download it for free at the Food 4Rhino website.

3.   It does not matter what your membrane structure looks like, but try to use your eye as a designer.  Think about things such as sun angle, experience from both in the courtyard and also from the windows above, support location in the wall etc...

Take a screenshot of the completed image.  Do not save to dropbox, but bring to class next week - March 23rd.

Post here if you have any questions.  See you all next week!

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Hi Joe,

So the computers in the lab don't have kangaroo in it and I tried to install it, but they don't let me. Apparently the administration control box popped up and it needs password (from school I guess) to install it? What should I do?




The files should be on the share drive as a folder under Kangaroo.  The file will need to be moved into the Grasshopper plugin folder.  I have attached instructions to this reply.  If it is not there, please contact Idiris at:

I have already contacted him as well.

Let me know the prognosis - I know he loaded Kangaroo on there somewhere.


Hi Joe,

I have been able to successfully load the kangaroo plug-in and such, but for some reason I can't get the KangarooPhysics component to load? Would you happen to know how to resolve this?

Thank you!



The problem is discussed in the Kangaroo forum here(scroll to bottom):

Try right clicking on the folders >properties>unblock.  Try this for the .gha files and .dll files.

Hope this helps!






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