algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Can the tool be used to cut a curved section (plan) through a point cloud?

Curve in plan, extrude up, then any sort of intersection doesn't seem to work. and seems that volvox needs a plane, which indicates a flat section.

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Guess I answered my own post.... Voila, curved section thru a large point cloud file without exploding it. Thanks to Volvox tools and insane coolness of Rhino3d+GH!

Hi Michael,

Can you please share how you did the curve section for your point cloud?

Hi Michael.

This is excatly what I need. Can you show how you did this workflow?



Hi Roberts,

Please share with us your GH definition

Having problems opening it: the GH def is about 45 mB and freezes the workstation. Once I get in I will disable the point cloud and try to resave, get it.


This definition may be what you want.






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