algorithmic modeling for Rhino

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This is a user object that was asked for by Remy in the comments of this group.


Thanks giulio.

It is always a pleasure to watch your work.

When do you add the export of materials (*. mtl)?

Well, this is not very high on the priority list, but it could be added, eventually.

If you want, you could implement it as well! This project is open source and open for anybody to contribute.

Yes I understand that it was open, but I do not necessarily have the time to be interested.

This is a touchy subject when the developments must justify these hours.

The idea brings, I am writing a program for export gh.

Thanks Giulio.

really nice ngon meshes. Is there access to mesh topology?

This library is has the goal of being a vertex-face "very-standard" implementation. It is not concerned very much with vertices. There are a lot of methods to compute some topology information (order of edges is a classic example, or what to do with non-2-manifold edges) so anybody who wants, can feel free to add some methods here, or it will be possible to reference other mesh implementation that show other topology features, like for example topology information computed by Starling, Plankton or Weaverbird.

Thanks for mentioning Plankton, Giulio :-). We've used the halfedge data structure for just this reason  efficient traversal of the mesh topology – although it restricts us to orientable, 2-manifold meshes (not necessarily a bad thing...). Keep up the great work!






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