algorithmic modeling for Rhino


This is the first release of Turtle.

Its source code is commit 3 on GitHub.

As this is the first release, its code might be a little rough. Any bugs will be fixed in the next release.



The picture is by Ernst Mayr Library, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University

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Thanks Giulio

Is there any tutorial or example?

This library is here so that hopefully all addons one day will be able to communicate ngon information, and for usage simplicity I also wrote the ngon mesh visualizer and the .OBJ file reader/writer.

All it should take to make this work is one or several meshes or closed polylines. The "to .obj" in the Mesh tab gives you .OBJ file content. You can use a Panel if you want to export to a file. Next releases will have further functionality: it's mostly stuff to make addons work well together , except the .obj writer: that is just for the whole community.


I hope this helps


Can you implement a double click event for the "to .OBJ" component to display "save as" dialog and enable to save the file directly (panel hangs when has to display a large portion of text) ?

Done -- I've also added double-click for input "load from". If you feel you can help, I would like you to commit any updates (this comment contains the in-between release, btw).


You mean with github ? (I hate the win8-style app for that).

I'll certainly switch to turtlemesh with next Starling update, however it's not a high priority stuff at the moment (the update, not the Turtle ;) )

By the way - baking a turtlemesh gives open polylines (the last segment is omited).

Btw, please be on the lookout: this is just the first release, so there are likely some bugs.

I'll get them fixed as soon as I hear about them.

 Thanks Giulio, very interesting.....

great work






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