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I have been using Slingshot to read Excel files and it has been working fairly good until now. 

Sometimes I experienced it returning "null" without me having any idea why. Trying out different things, like closing/opening Excel, closing/opening the GH file etc, have been working previously without leaving a clear solution. 

Now finally I can do no small tricks that will make Slingshot return the data from Excel.

Any ideas?

Thanks Rasmus

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hmmm...  I am not completely sure.  I have found the OLE DB connection into Excel to be kind of fussy.  

Did you recently change your Excel version?  I recently built a plug-in that uses some of the same methods and I had to install this since I was using office 64-bit.

Hi Nathan. 

No I didn't change Excel version, but I did however change from Rhino 32 to 64bit. 

I just tried your link. It seems my Excel version is 32 bit - Is that a problem?

Hi Rasmus,

I don't know if you still have this problem, but by following this website's hints ( I eventually managed to get a similar definition working on my Windows 7 64-bit system with Office 32-bit. Hope this could help everyone else!






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