algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi Guys,

I have a problem, I have a null outcome from the gem rail component. no prongs?

I have entered the specification/size of the prongs

Any ideas of what I have done wrong?

Kind regards,


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Like this?

Yes Wonseok :)

Can i send you my grasshopper file so you can see what is the problem?

Thank you so much for your help :)

I attach the grasshopper file

and you can send me  your file


Than you so much I opened your file and I tried toggle "ends" boolean both Truth and False and still I have no prongs?

can you send me  your file?

Dear Wonseok,

here is my file


Do you make the file on Rhino V6?

I opened your file in V5 and V6 then it works good only V5.

Both file you made.

Okay so the problem is that i am runnning it from rhino 6... is there anyway to fix this?

I think "Prongs along gems rail" component has some problem on rhino 6

If you want to use the components on rhino 6 you have to create a new logic to replace "Prongs along gems rail"

or tell the Peacock creator but I don't know you can get answer.

Yes, I will try :) thank you so much for your help Wonseok

Okay.  Good luck ^^






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