algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Here a PT defenition fot a chesterfield ring.

The problem I have is:

1. When I want to change the model from a square grid into a diamond shaped grid

UV directions change, that's not what I want it to be.

2.Is there a spacing modus in PT-GH, to assign more surface points to the pannel object or the boundary object?


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Hi Martin,
I am not sure I understand what you mean by change the UV direction when turn into a diamond grid. Can you sketch what is your desired or expected result when change to diamond?
As to your second question, you can increase the density of the grid. Is that what you are after?
BTW, I noticed that you have some gaps when use diamond. There is a way to fill those that I can share if you like.

Hi Rajaa,

Well it doesn't actually change. The U/V direction of the panel on the ring is diagonal and I want them to be perpendicular to the axis of the ring. So I got the idea of a just a square grid, but with another panel with an increase of grid points assigned to it so I can have a better control over it.

The diamond and the square grid both have gaps, I would love a solution for that.

Here is how you wrap the grid to achieve continuous diamond pattern.

The gap you have with the rectangular grid has to do with the base surface, which needs to be water tights (without gaps).

Here is the GH file for the full solution...


Thanks a ton, Rajaa






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