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Hi Everybody,

I am very new to grasshopper and PT. What I want to do is create a simple paneling pattern on a reverse cone surface (now created with grasshopper, but could be any surface). This paneling consist of an outside grid and an offset center grid. But what I want is the offset grid to be variable in offset distance. So I would like the rows in to the top of the surface to have a decreasing offset distance. 

Like I said I am new to grasshopper, but how would I proceed to get this result? Thanks!

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Hi Patrick,

Please see the attached. You basically need to extract every other row, offset by the desired distance, and then re-weave your data. I hope it helps. Data trees in GH is rather advanced topic, so do not feel discouraged if you do not get it at first. Just keep asking questions.


Hi Rajaa,

Appologies for the late reply, been very busy ;-)

Your solution seems interesting, but it looks like you are giving variation in the offset distance in alternating columns instead of a variable offset distance in the rows. 

What I now thought was possible is to extract every row and give it a different offset distance and weave them all together. After this put both the original grid and the weaved together offset distance center grid in a 3d paneling connection. This doesn't work and when I add the original grid to the 3d paneling connection, grasshopper will crash. 

Do you have another solution that will solve this?

Thank you in advance. 

Patrick Hartog


Hi Patrick,

So from the looks of it you are going for some variable push/pull distances like creating a Parabolic curve in section profile so the outer most grid is the tallest and a non-linear fall off toward the middle? Does that kind of sound what you were after?






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