algorithmic modeling for Rhino

So my goal is to infill a given grid with closed cell polylines, referencing a given geometry (in this case a rectangle). 

However, when there is an angle involved there are moments when there is not 4 points to connect. Because my reference geometry is a rectangle it will connect to a random 4th point to satisfy its requirements. 

Is there any function or workaround to reconcile this issue? Can I build my reference geometry differently? Can I join adjacent polylines or skip particular points if it doesn't meet the 4-point criteria?

Any suggestions would be great! (also attached a couple images and a gh script).

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Can you please post the 3dm file? There is a reference to a brep and a curve in your GH file that is missing. 

Sorry, this should work.


Hi Rajaa,

Have you had any luck with this issue, I seem to be running short on ideas. Thanks again!






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