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Hi everyone :)

This is my first time using Paneling tools and I'm having some difficulties with the diamond grid component. I want to get my complete surface covered with the Brep (a tile). 2 main things our going wrong right now and I don't know why or how can I fix it:

1. Is there a way for my brep to split in half when reaching the ends of the surface? So that I can get the surface completely covered with tiles?

2. The Breps are getting seriously twisted when I'm using diamond grid, which doesn't happen with the normal grid:

Thanks for any help!


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Hi Adi K

The problems you have are common, yet very settle. It has to do with a mis-match of the data structure of the 2 input grids. See image. Offsetting the surface created a slightly bigger surface and you ended up with more points. I offset the grid itself to make sure you have matching structure.

Let me know if anything is not clear, or if you need more help.

Thanks! It worked perfectly :)






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