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Hello Everybody, 

I would like to double check some data out from Pachyderm with you. I am testing noise pollution on a project. I placed source and receiver 8 m from each other. From city I know the road has 72dB. The Pachyderm calculation shows that receiver measures 40.78 dB. Could the noise drop this much just in 8m distance? Thank you a lot for the help!

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Hello Lele. Assuming you have a line source with L'w = 72 dB, the geometrical attenuation (see DIN9613-2) is 29+3 = 26 dB. Thus, you would have something around 46 dB.
Just in front of your source the terrain seems to go upwards, providing extra attenuation. It would be good if we kenw if Pachyderm does compute the ISO 9613 attenuation for terrrain reflections / attenuation due to barriers.

Hello Ander, 

thank you for the info! I will check DIN9613-3 and read a bit more about it.






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