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I repeatedly tried several times to run a test simulation for a small 3*3*3 meters room, as shown in the attached files below, in order to determine the SPL. However, running a simulation takes a long time and can take up to 20 hours each time. Please take a look the files below and connect the polygon surface to the room (the incomplete battery connection), and let me know which set i had a problem with.

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Hallo Tarek,

I looked at your script and made some changes. What you see allows you to better read the layers from Rhino. Importantly, each Layer must be named with a number, followed by an underline, and the nomenclature must not have empty spaces (per example: 5_CladdingWood).

Leaving the absorption coefficient that you set yourself, it actually gave problems, because they were inadequate, especially the Floor and ceiling layer. As Arthur says, having no absorbent materials lengthens the simulation a lot.

Some advice,
review the absorption coefficient, give a appropriate scattering to the type of surface and try to direct the Rhino surfaces correctly. Those of your model all looked outwards.
I hope I was helpful

I am really thanks a lot for yr reply. But, can u upload the Rhinoceros file too, inorder to let me see the exact difference between mine and yr file...

Hallo Tarek,

I have attached the Rhino file


many many many many many Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanxxxxxxxxxx






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