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Hi Arthur,

I am trying to render an auralization to hear differences in reverberation when I change geometry of the room. I can get Pachyderm to render the auralization but the sound file comes back with a ton of gain, as if you turned up the gain on a guitar amp to make it sound grungier. Any ideas how to fix this?


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I tried a shorter sound file and there is no gain problem, but I would still like to know from you:

1) Are there restrictions due to file size or anything else that could create this distortion?

In addition, new questions arise:

2) When I play the auralization, it sounds like the input file plays at least twice (a delay). Is this correct because the sound is "reflected" off a wall, or is this incorrect because the room should only make the file sound fuller with reverb (and not sound like 2 dry files overlapped)?

3) I heard the output playing from several places on my computer, but I only played it from 1 media player. Does it automatically play from a place that I am not seeing?

4) Can you provide a good sample sound file that you use to test auralizations?







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