algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi Guys, 

Great work! I cant wait to get started. 

I am however having a few problems with making Monolith work with GH, I found the GHA file in the Monolith folder, and I copied it to my library folder. 

Does it need to be accompanied by a couple of DLL's? If so which.

Looking forward to hear back from you. 

Again great work! 

- Jens

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Hi Jens,

No, you don't need to copy/paste anything after the installation is completed.  In fact, you should undo that or simply uninstall/reinstall the application.  The reason is that the installer creates a .ghlink file which tells grasshopper to look inside a different folder for all of the assembly and dependency files.  The .gha file needs to remain in the C:\Program Files\Monolith folder for the plugin to work properly.  I hope this helps.

Hi Andy, 

Thank you for the quick reply.

I will try and do that, is there a way to check that the link has been made? 

Because after I installed monolith it didn't pop up in GH. Could it have something to do with the way it was installed? Because I didn't install it my self, I had the IT department at the office do it - you see I was trying to get it on my office machine.

- Jens

Are you running a 64-bit OS (and Rhino)?  You have to be using a 64-bit version of Rhino in order to run Monolith... so perhaps that could be what is causing it to fail.

Hi Andy, 

Sorry about the late reply, I wanted to try and install monolith on my home machine, and it works fine. I think the problems I experienced have something to do with the way our IT guys installed monolith at work. 

Thank you for your help. 

- Jens

We had the same problem at the faculty and we were able to solve it.

Monolith has to be installed in each user's folder. to do so you have to copy




that doesnt work? This is very frustrating for me






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