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Hex cells with Weaverbird....

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Nathan, can you please explain, how did you achieve the upper shape?

On your blog, there stands:

Klein Surface + Hexagonal Cells + Weaverbird

So instead of Klein surface, we can use any other surface. But what about the Weaverbird? What component of Weaverbird did you use?

Thank you.

  1. Panel a surface with Hex cells
  2. Scale to center and offset based on wave attractor component values
  3. Loft inside and outside cells
  4. Join all panel surfaces and make it a mesh
  5. Weaverbird catmull-clark subdivide
  6. Bake
  7. Viola!

Thank you for the reply Nathan.

Can you please take a look, at what I am doing wrong?

Thank you.


Hi Nathan! I have a question for you! I want to use the Diamond Panel Component as a surface, but I was wondering if there's any way of scaling these panels, in order to create something like this?

Hi Nathan,

there seems to be a bug in the save component. 

I have a several branches of objects. Each Branch gets their own Layer/Name/Color. If I hit Bake, it will save all the objects on one Layer, and overwrite the file until it had saved all the objects on all the Layers.  Made the effort to excatly match the list length and also tried to flaten everthing.

With just bake it works either way exactly as expected.

Another thing if you use a boolean button instead of the toggle with Save, it will chrash GH.



Once more: Bake wont bake Lines. They have to be converted to Line-like Curves.






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