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Hi everyone, 

I have existing radiance files, radiance material files, and points files and would like to run them using radiance through honeybee. However if I use the following component shown in the image, I need to have honeybee objects. How would I convert my radiance model to being a Honeybee object? OR is this the wrong component to be using? 



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Here is a quick hack. Create a really tiny polygon using Rhino/Grasshopper and specify that in the _HBObjects input. Specify all your remaining files using the additionalRadFiles_ input. Remember that as per the Radiance conventions, your material files should be specified first in the sequence of inputs. You can either specify the points file path directly or just create the points inside grasshopper using the value in the points file.

Another option, which might or might not work, is to use the import_rad component.

-Sarith can import the points using "import Pts File" component.

Thanks for the assist Mr. Honeybee !

Hey Sarith, 

Yeah I actually did try that (adding a tiny polygon). I just wanted to see if there was another way of going about it. 

Awesome, thanks Sarith 


Hi guys, 

So i have re-tried by modelling a small box to input as a HBobject. But it "can't find the results for the study". What might I be doing wrong? 



This might either be an xform or path issue. Can you post your project files here or send it through the inbox?

I think it might be that i dont have radiance and daysim in the right place. But im not too sure how to fix it. I will try again late but one someone else computer maybe



I could not open the file as the materials seem to be stored in a remote location. Regardless, I did some troubleshooting on your model and have a few suggestions:

1. Radiance does not play well with path-names with spaces in them. So, I'd suggest getting rid of/modifiying all such instances in your materials and geometry files before starting.

2. You need to have a local ground polygon in the scene to get accurate results. As per the model that I previewed, it does not seem to be the case.

3. As I had mentioned previously, the order in which the materials file and geometry file are linked to the additionalRadFiles_ input is critical. In your case, the geometry file is specified to the materials file first.

I expect things to work out once you address these issues.







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