algorithmic modeling for Rhino

[This list will be modified over time]

Free resources:

1. The main source is DOE's website:

2. One is also coming around > ( Their data is limited right now but they are working on that and also unlike the first resource the data has been through quality checks.

3. There are a couple of weather files available on EnergyPlus mailing list ( which are generated by MeteoNorm (


4. WeatherAnalytics:

5. WhiteBox technologies:

PS: I started a project to plot all these resources on a single epwmap. #WIP

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WeatherAnalytics makes you pay for EPW data that they fabricate from other climate data sets.  This "fabrication" process is proprietary and known only to them, such that I am a bit skeptical of it.  Sometimes, WeatherAnalytics is your only option but make sure that you check the EnergyPlus user group weather files before going to them:

You have to make an account for the E+ yahoo group to access these files but, for the epw file access, it is definitely worth it.

Also, hopefully Dragonfly will give us a means of "fabricating" epw data in a manner that is open and we are aware of the assumptions (  When the dragonfly is past it's pupa stage in a few more months, I will post back here.


Hi Chris,

I'm aware of the Meteonorm, but ... the requested EPW (Indonesia) is not there (and of course not in the E+ site), as far as i remember. So i reminded this WA option.

The DragonFly project sounds interesting. Please update the progress on it.


This feature is freaking awesome, have been using from its inception, super easy to use, super helpful, great job. 

Thank you.

dear all,

this link:
4. WeatherAnalytics:

any idea how to buy weather file from this website?

I need weather file for Manado Indonesia, so I couldn't find in this link:

5. WhiteBox technologies:

Or are there any other website that similar to this WeatherAnalytics website before?


Hi Agus, Have you tried to send an email to weatheranalytics directly? They should be able to answer to your question.

Yes I have email them since last saturday.. but They didn't answer me up until now..

I've recently discovered this site:

Looks like they have some weather data not present in E+'s website. Can anyone confirm if this site is credible?

Please, Can I get a epw file to Sana'a Yemen. Thanks to all.

Hi All,

For a location for which a weather file is not available from any source, and paying for proprietary services is not an option, is there a way to fabricate weather data?


Can Dragonfly help in this regard?

What I have come up with in my search on this is Urban Weather Generator from MIT that generate hourly urban air temperature and humidity values for a location based on weather data for that city. But what I am interested in is rather a full fabricated weather file.



Hi Devang,

I may be saying a huge stupidity, but if there is no other option... may it be worthy to take like 4 epws of the closest places that you can find and create your own file using the interpolation algorithms that meteonorm uses for the same problem? It will never be exact but... don't know, better than nothing

Having a quick look I didn't find the exact algorithms, but these 2 articles may help you


I've been looking for an epw file for the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra - (biggest city in Bolivia but not capital), and there isn't any. Nearby cities have really different situations, so is it possible to edit one nearby as template and create the one for Santa Cruz de la Sierra?

Best regards,






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