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Chris and Mostapha,

Could you please advice on how I could include the context as a factor that influences the results of energy consumptions when running an energy analysis with honeybee?

I assume there should be two different "types" of context:

One that touches the building and should be defined as some other type of energy zone? And the second that doesn't and would effect the light in my building's energy zones, thus effecting the energy consumption.

Attached an image of the case study I am trying to apply this logic.

Thanks a lot!


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I would say that in your case adding them as shading context (which is what the Honeybee component does I believe) should be enough. You would only need energy zones to understand and include the energy transfer between boundaries. In that case I would just simulate all the adjacent zones and remove the zones not interested in from the calculation of the results.

As an example of a more relevant case I was simulating semi-detached, 3 storey houses. Adding each of the house as a context of the other wasn't enough so I simply simulated both of them and broke the results apart. I'm guessing that's correct.

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Thenk you Theodore.






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