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Hi Robofold!

We have a question that has us really stumped.  We can easily curve meshes when the lines are parallel (and not touching), however when are unsure how to fold in two directions.  Is there a way to have perpendicular ruling lines, or ruling lines that intersect, instead of remaining parallel?

Thank you for any advice, or quick direction to available information.  We appreciate your time, and especially your plug-in!

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Can you show me some pictures or Rhino models of what you are trying to achieve? I can't quite visualise it yet...

Thank you for checking this out!  I'm attaching an image below with three stages of the simulated curved folding through the robofold tool. Rhino model and grasshopper is attached as well.  Is there a better way to perform this folding as one piece instead of four?  To fold in one piece, the neighboring lines of each of the four pieces would be welded together, forming valleys.  Also, I'm attaching another image as well showing "ruling attempts."  There are instances where the ruling lines intersect, causing difficulties in creating the surface mesh.  Does this mean that the fold is impossible in the physical world?  Thank you for your time and investigation!


Hi Dan, the fold isn't impossible - but you have drawn four separate folds that touch each other. If you want the whole piece to fold, then try the attached fold pattern. The best way to get the correct rulings is to actually draw along a ruler touching the surface of your folded paper design, and scan this in to Rhino to trace (use the PictureFrame command) this ensures you are deriving the computational model from a valid physical model.

There are two demo files with the KingKong download: KingKong and KingMesh - use KingMesh if you want to use a custom fold pattern like this.







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