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Hi all!

I am working on a structure composed entirely by shells; therefore I mostly use the mesh load component to generate equivalent point loads, and I have some questions about it.

In the model, I am applying the same load on all floor. However, I obtain different deformations, even though their geometry and loading are identical (they are mirrored by the central line, see picture). I assume that this is a meshing issue, given the output, as well as the meshes themselves: the more deformed they are, the more fine the mesh is (see other picture). I am using the Mesh Brep component from GH.

The question(s) (are) therefore:

1) How can I control this meshing? I am really surprised that I get different meshing for the exact same breps, that are simply mirrored. (This might be more a Grasshopper specific question but maybe you know the answer)

2) I chose the Mesh Brep component instead of the Mesh Surface component to create the shells. Indeed, when I used the second one, the elements could not detect the supports and I had huge deformations (Like 10e+11m...). Any idea why?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Hi Simon,

the structural response of shells is dependent on the mesh refinement.

ad 1.) It is hard to say why the GH mesher gives different results for identically shaped surfaces - maybe the order of the boundary lines is different.

ad 2.) In order that a support is connected to a shell, the node where the support is attached needs to be a vertex of the shell mesh. The 'Mesh Breps'-component from the 'Karamba/Utilities'-section lets you include arbitrary points in a mesh via the input-plug 'IPts'.



Hi Clemens,

Thank you very much for bringing the "Mesh Breps" component to my attention! It worked like a charm!

In case some people are encountering the first issue as well: I just plugged the custom settings components (with defaults values) into the Grasshopper "Mesh  Brep" to force a minimum meshing. But in any case the Karamba "Mesh Breps" is better to ensure the connectivity of the elements.







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