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Made an diagonal beam, but it doesnt connect between the columns


I have made an diagonal beam, that is used for a ramp between mutiple columns, but the beam when i connect the exploded curves to karamba, it doesnt make an connection at the joints. Its like the all those lines individual are making 1 big beam and are ignoring the points as joints. How is this possible?

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Hi Giorgio,
did you spilt the diagonal beam and the columns at the intersection points before bringing it into Karamba?

Hi Matthew,

I have made them split, so the input im giving to karamba is all the lines individual between those columns. What i did is:

first i made an line from the first column in the row, the end point of that column, to the last column in the row (the start point), so its a "solid" line between them. Then i did the intersection between the line and all the columns as lines. That gave me points as outputs, made an polyline between those points and explode the polyline in curves. Those curves are the one who are connected to the karamba component.



Hi Matthew,

Is there any more info about this? Cause karamba keeps seeying it as mutiple objects. Is there a way to make those lines group and sees it as one big profile + that it still sees the "joints" between them?

Hi Giorgio,

if you can upload your definition I can help you a bit easier.

Matthew Here you go

Hi Giorgio,

the horizontal and diagonal members are split but your vertical elements are not split at the intersection. You can use the connected parts component to see which elements are not connected to the main model.


Hi Matthew,

I have made the curves explode between those intersections. How can i make them split at the intersections? I thought the explode curve would be enough and that those mutiple beams would be split. If I make and "solid" curve of it, then it makes the beam diffrent than when its exploded. What i want is that those explode curves are connected to those intersections points as nodes.

The problem is that it doesnt sees those points as nodes, so karamba thinks those beams are just connected to eachother and not to the columns. Is there a way to connect those points to the columns as nodes?

I have found a solutions. I have made those intersections points and after that i made an line component between those intersections points and end/startpoints of the "columns". Now it works and there are nodes between those beams.

Hi Giorgio,

sorry that I did not reply earlier. It is good that you managed to resolve the issue.






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