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please post here in case of karamba problems !

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Hi guys,


Karamba doesn't show on my Rhino 5 GH but it does on Rhino 4 GH, is that also the case for you?

Is there something I could do to fix that ? 


Many thanks,



Hi Arthur,

the current version of Karamba conflicts with some of the dlls that come with Rhino 5.

Try the following: If you have Rhino 4 and 5 on your computer, install Karamba on Rhino 4. Then it uses the Rhino 4 dlls, yet should be available under Rhino 5 as well.




I'm having problem with Karamba. First I start Grasshopper I get som eloading errors (Cpmponent_ModelView). After it starts and I load some example files the supports are alwas missing. I tried to add them, but my support component doesn't have small circles that are supposed to show.




Hi Danijel,

I have the same problem. I downgrade to Grasshopper build 0.8.0013 (5th July ). It seems to work.


Karamba 0.9.07 has been released yesterday. Now it also works with GH 0.8.0051.


Hi Clemens,

Can you tell where are the examples for the new version?

i cant find it here

The examples will (probably) be tomorrow on the website.


Hello!, I've been trying to install karamba without success =( it keeps giving me an error...

I did both procedures in the installation notes it didn't work, I was wondering if there's another solution, I'm running the latest grasshopper build on Rhino 4, thanks!

Errors with I Beam and Trapezoidal Cross Section creators. Comes us with the following errors:

Everything else is dandy. Program is fantastic, looking forward to exploring it.



Thanks. There will be an updated version of Karamba within the next few days.


Thanks mate.





I keep getting this error in the Analyse component, even when I load the example files:


"Error: Singular Stiffnessmatrix:  Can not solve static system.

Make sure that boundary conditions are set so that the structure can not move in rigid body modes.  You can detect rigid body modes with he BuckledShape Component:  They will be the first few modes.  If you see no rigid body modes check for rotations of elements about their longitudinal axis." 


I'm not sure what the BuckledShape component is, but it seems that this error comes up even in the examples files for simple structures, so I was wondering if it is a bug?










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