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Hello Guys,

I have two simple questions.

Why is it that when I apply different types of cross-sections on a mesh, it does not effect de deformation ?

Why does karamba give a default when I choose 'wood' or 'aluminum' as a material for a mesh?

My main goal is to analyze a gridshell. I want to use karamba to deside what should be the apporpiate dimension of the beams with a given material.

I guess a pretty straight forward application of karamba. But for some reason I can't get it working.

I added a basic definition with my setup.

Hope anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong.

Kind regards,


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I allready got it!

I decomposed the mesh into lines and eventually analyzed the lines instead of the mesh!

Do you have any idea why the mesh to shell component does not work?

It does work, but it depends on what you want to analyse.

If you want to treat the model as a network of beams, you should decompose the mesh into lines and use the Line To Beam component.

If you want to analyse the faces instead of the lines you should use the Mesh To Shell component.

Hope this helps,







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