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Hi all,

I'm trying to calculate the structural performance of the sandwich panel in Karamba. Before making them as mesh, I tested with simple geometries. 

I wanted to check how Karamba reacts on overlapping mesh.

As you can see the image as below, I tested 3 samples. 

I input the point load at the center to see the difference of deflection. 

The left one is a 1*3 panel with single thickness.

The middle one is two of 1*2 panel. There're overlapping parts of 1*1.

The right one is three of 1*1 panel. I doubled the thickness of center panel.

And, all the results are different. It seems that Karamba considers the overlapping parts anyway, but I don't know how it works.

For example, I want to overlap 2mm steel sheet in some parts. And then, is it okay to follow of logic of the right one? It means that I put 4mm thickness for the overlapping parts, and the panel should not be two.

Thanks for your replies.

Best regards,

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Hi Jaeman,

the bending stiffness of a shell is proportional to its thickness to the power of three.

In case the connection is not stiff in shear at the interface of the plates you are on the save side to assume a stiffness equivalent to two 2mm plates.




Thanks Clemens,

So the overlapping part of each thickness h has the bending stiffness proportional to 2*h^3=(1.26*h)^3, not (2*h)^3, I understood.

Best regards,







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