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Hello everyone,

I have been running across an error when using the floor component with ZombieSolver in Kangaroo2. Essentially, the ZombieSolver does not seem to be recognizing the floor as a Kangaroo goal. I am running a tensegrity simulation where the floor is used to add "energy" to the system so that the assembly wants to form-find above the ground plane (the initial geometry is place .001 mm below the ground plane in order for the floor component to take effect). The floor component and the simulation run fine with the normal Kangaroo2 solver but for some reason not with the ZombieSolver, and I will eventually need this solver to run optimization procedures. I have also tried using the custom iteration Kangaroo2 python and C# components that have been posted and they similarly throw errors when the floor component is involved. Anyone have any insight on how to get the Zombie or the custom iteration solvers to recognize the floor component? Or, is there alternative way I can simulate energy added to the system without the floor so that the tensegrity form-finding can execute? Thanks in advance! File below. 

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Also in this file I have given the set of goals without the floor component to the ZombieSolver, and no errors are thrown, meaning that the floor is definitely the cause of the error. 

I don’t have my computer right now but I guess you could try to swap the FLOOR component for an ANCHOR XYZ and set the X and Y Boolean values to true. This will effectively ‘lock’ your ground particles in their plane. Maybe not exactly what you where looking for, but it might be worth to give into a try! ;)
Hello Sachin, hope all is well, find attached a quick fix.. not sure why the floor goal isn't working but to get you working again.. here's a "one side of plane" goal.. where if the points provided are on the +veZ side of the plane they are left alone but if on -veZ then they are pulled to the plane with strength as given.

Thanks a lot James! Worked like a charm. Guess I need to get back into custom goal scripting. Good thing I have some tutorials under my belt already ;)

Hmm for some reason I can't add a file.. but you can find it here:






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