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I'm having some trouble with stiffness tolerances for surface relaxation in Kangaroo. I'm attempting use the surface relaxation as a form-finder for a cable-net clastic structure which i'm using to skin my design studio building. I'm trying to use varying degrees of stiffness in separate curve sets to create somewhat of a rigid 'seam' definition on the surface of the processed relaxation, and was wondering if anyone can see some sort of mis-step or error in my process. I'm getting most of what I want from the script, except for the lack of a hard-edge definition namely in the Diagonal Tension Cables (see in model/script) and in the Ramp Pressure curves. I basically have a single-spiral circulation ramp running through the building, with a reactionary cable-net structure cladding it and being affected when the ramp tolerance pushes beyond the minimalist surface of the relaxation, so I need to find a way for that pressure created by the ramps to be expressed on the surface of the relaxation.I know it sounds confusing but I taught myself Kangaroo last night, and I have a feeling its an easy fix if I can get people who know kangaroo to take a look. Thanks in advance, any advice/help/suggestions would be amazing.



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I look at your cable-net clastic structure and I compare wtih the example of David at

and I think you need some gravity forces, so I try to put some gravity forces in one of your

roups (cable) and it you can force to your cable some tension with this forces!

I´m new in kangarro and I hope it´s helps U




I mixed up the tensigriddemo with bend and insert 3 points at x,y plane to make the stiks

fixed in the ground...





Thanks Art, both are interesting suggestions but not quite what I'm trying to accomplish in the script.... the focus here is more on being able to utilize the curves of the circulation ramp where the extend through the surface as a means of a pressure on the relaxation..... ideally forcing the relaxation to the outside of the ramps and keeping the entire ramp situated within the relaxed shape. The other problem focuses more on being able to create a hard edge for the diagonal seams of the relaxation, without expanding the geometry as a whole.... somewhat along the lines of an exponential curvature graph or something like that, i'm just not sure how to accomplish it. Thanks for the input though, glad to see someone take interest!





I tryed to simplify circulation ramp, but it I´ve problem to give a pressure on the relaxation...







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