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A little help....

I am trying to use Kangaroo and Anemone together to produce recursive simulations...the first is a simple spin definition.

Kangaroo seems fine with updating Springs, but the Unary Force component which updates with a new vector based on the tangent of a circle doesn't want to update.

a.) Am I doing something wrong here like a simple mistake thet I am not seeing?

b.) Can Kangaroo update the Unary Force inputs after it has started the simulation?

Thanks for any help.

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Hi can adjust both vector direction and length during a Kangaroo simulation, so this shouldn't be a problem. I think it has to do with your Anemone setup...if I am not mistaken, you need to feed Anemone a target number of loops (the N input) it won't just run in an ongoing fashion on its own. To get around this, just set a really high number for your loops, such that it will never reach its terminus before you're finished with your simulation, and attach a boolean toggle to the "E" input on the Loop End component...when you're satisfied with your simulation result, pause kangaroo and set this toggle to "true" to exit the Anemone loop.

You could also take a look at Hoopsnake, which does do have the capacity for continuous looping, although it does retain a full history of your output, which can get heavy.

You don't need the timer if you are using anemone with kangaroo. You can try a similar setup as attached definition. This example updates the direction of unary forces on each iteration to create a pneumatic shape rather than an inverse catenary.


Thanks for the replies!  I will look at these now.








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