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Dear Kangaroo users,


I'm giving a presentation soon as part of Shape To Fabrication

where I'll be talking about Kangaroo.


I'd love to show images of the things you the community have done with this tool.


Anything - built or unbuilt - small scale tests or prototypes or built structures - to show the range of different things it is used for.

If you'd be happy for your image or video to be used please post it (or a link to it) here, and how you'd like to be credited.





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Hello Daniel,


here is a little animation of an academic project we recently did at the Institute for Lightweigt Structures at Universitity of Stuttgart:


It's meant to be a timber shell as an exibition space made of double curved plywood which is decomposable. If its form interest i'll be glad to send you the hole documentation. (which contains also more about the possible fabrication process)


Thanks for the great work you doing with Kangaroo!







at Univeristiy of Stuttgart:



Hi Daniel,


I used kangaroo for part of a project that I did last year.


The project was all about the creation of optimised cellular structures and 3dimensional geometric tessellations. I was looking into the rules necessary for volumetric 3D tessellation and needed a way to create many different geometrical shapes to analyse. I used kangaroo springs to evenly distribute a number points over a sphere from which I then could create geometrical faces. Using this method I could create all the platonic, archimedean and catalan solids.


I had only just come across kangaroo at the time and only now see how much more I could have done with it! Hopefully this is a different way it has been used that you may not have come across before.


Kangaroo is an amazing tool, thankyou very much for all the effort you put into its creation.







The full project is here;


Jak Drinnan




Hi Jak,

Very interesting!

I tried duplicating your code and have a main question if you would kindly give me some pointers:

If you were to input 24 points in the beginning of the script, how would you then generate the four different types of solids that all have that amount of vertices (namely the pentagonal and deltoidal icositetrahedrons, the tetrakis hexahedron, and the triakis octahedron)?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance,


file attached.


Hi Daniel, 

this is my project, a catenary mansory vault, designed by kangaroo plug in.



Thank you for creating and sharing Kangaroo.

Not really high profile projects but nonetheless made in Kangaroo.


good luck Daniel. i'd like to view the pdf of your presentation soon!

Many thanks all for sharing your images!


It's really great to see what it is being used for, very nice projects.

I love the inflated tents.


I will try and upload the presentation at some point.

hi Daniel, news about it???  thanks






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