algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hey guys

I'm trying to find a simple way to make gyroid structure by kangaroo, anybody know what's the best way?! 

I'll be happy if you share your related experiences with me, thanks! 

maybe attached file can help to thinking process! 

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Hi Ali,

I think the gyroid is particulary fascinating, even compared to other triply periodic minimal surfaces - while its relatives, the P and D surfaces can appear complex, their underlying 'skeleton' or network is actually very simple. By contrast, the skeleton of the gyroid takes a bit more effort to get your head around spatially, and is a very interesting object in its own right.

It is known variously as the Laves graph, Wells' 10,3(a) net, or the SRS net.

Understanding this object is a good first step towards modelling the gyroid.

Once you have the network, you can thicken the skeleton and relax it (while preserving the appropriate symmetries), to get a gyroid.

I might actually make a more detailed post on this soon, as it's a really interesting exercise.

Hi Daniel, 

Thanks for great hints, I've started to work with kangaroo recently, in first try to work with it i tried to make this shape cause i guess that's a great challenge. I'm thinking to make a modular system, once we must construct a surface between main curves bounded in a box (desired P and D,  even may be constructed in rhino) so in the next step give a mesh of the surface and define it for kangaroo components to relaxing, next step is rebuild mesh normals to have smooth surface and in last step assigning this modulated surfaces to all of multiple mesh boxes of desired 3D meshed solids, even we can manipulate the solid box  to changing shape of any cells in a same or different way to have a flexible gyroid box and customize it based on our desires.

thanks for attention, hope to have more discussions!

I don't know if a simple Kangaroo script will do it all for you. I use a 2 step process:

1. create geometry, 2. create sponge  Do some searching for step 2. cheers!

great, thumbs up! 

would you share definition? thanks! 

Sure! ....which definition are you taking about the Gyroid script or the Gyroid Sphere?

Next day of starting this discussion i found the expression for Eval component, but seems i need a definition to find out required components and plugins... special thanks for sharing Gyroid script!

Actually this is the work i was looking for. Can u send me the video of making gyroid structure by grosshopper.

Hi Kim,

What component did you use in that screenshot which actually meshed the gyroid points together? (the one before the Weaverbird components). It's not something I've ever seen before.


Hey Kim, could you share the expression for the domain component?

It must be a simple -x !

You could replace it with a negate component. 

Thank you again, that worked!

Hi Kim,

I am having an an obsession with gyroid structures at the moment. This looks amazing. Could you please share the definition please?

Thanks so much in advance!!!






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