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HI, I'm new to Kangaroo and trying to model something similar to a sushi mat: a set of linear elements woven together into a mat. Then that mat will be suspended by its edges.


I have a simulation working (more or less) but at the moment all I have are the points moving around (Kangaroo component is previewing). I'd dearly love to get some real geometry in there, but can't for the life of me figure out how.

It seems that whatever I attach to the geometry input causes an error. For instance I create a set of pipes around my straight elements, plug it in, and immediately get an error saying "geometry type not supported". 


What am I doing wrong? Or where can I look for more info about this?


Thanks for any help.

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Hello Dave,


This is not anything you are doing wrong, just that only a few geometry types are currently supported in Kangaroo for the 'attached geometry' input/output. (points, lines and meshes)

We will definitely be adding some more types (curves, surfaces etc) in future.


Note that the Path structure of the Geometry Input/Output is preserved, and this can be very useful for reconstructing geometry. For an example look at the definition I posted in this thread:

and this comment 


If you are making pipes around straight elements, rather than making them upstream of kangaroo, you should input the elements to Kangaroo's Geometry input as Lines, then pipe the GeometryOut output.


Hope this helps

Thanks, Daniel, I see now. Drawing the output of Kangaroo makes all kinds of sense, and with points/lines/meshes I can draw most anything.



Hey Dave,


Maybe the attached file can help you.


Thanks! That's similar to what I had, but I can see some ways to further simplify my model. (And I always learn something by seeing other people's definitions...I didn't know you could post-process an input with an expression in GH, that's life-changing!)









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