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Is there a way in Kangaroo to define separate values for the stiffness of a spring for compression and tension?

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Do you mean, assign to the same curve a tension force and a compression force? Or assign one curve with a tension force and another curve wit a compression force?


Both are possible, but the first is maybe a strange way to assign a force (but who am i to judge), cause for instance, if you'd assign a stifness of -1 and a stiffnes of +1 to the same curve, both forces would balance each other out. 


Good luck,



Hello Wannes,


I would like to define two stiffnesses for one element. One for when it is under compression and one for when it is in tension.


Like a rope or a cable. It has for tension a certain stiffness, but for compression it has none.

HEy Ownwindow,


Oke, I hope this is what you where looking for (see attachments). 


Good luck




Thx Wannes,


This is nice. I'll experiment with it.


I think it is less convenient that an element should be devided. It would be easier if it would be one element.






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