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Hi Andrei,

I'm an independent researcher working on a fabrication related project. I would like to reference your work in developing the plugin and the segmentation, unrolling algorithms, do you have a paper/thesis that I should cite.

Thanks for the great plugin.


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Hi Victor, 

First, thank you for asking.

As a matter of fact I have two papers presenting the research behind Ivy. Both were presented at ACADIA 2016 and 2017, feel free to cite any of them (or both :) )

Here is the link. 

Also if you are fabricating something with Ivy please share some images if you can. I would love to see what people are able to achieve using it. 



Great, I'm presenting in ACM SCF '18. Will cite your paper.

Thank you for the great plugin. On a side note, I am making some tweaks to your kruskal algorithm. I'll share my findings with you after the conference. Maybe you would like to incorporate that into Ivy. 

Hi Andrei,

Both of your paper on mesh / graph segmentation is fantastic. I enjoy reading it a lot. I used your plugin as a base, to code / implement one of my own mesh segmentation algorithm which create a double layer object, each consist of a number of developable strips, resulting in the elimination of gluing tabs.

I have used your plugin and my extended script to run some simulation, on regular and arbitrary mesh topology to prove my point. Digital results exist but I didn't fabricate any real object directly from that script, so no photos to share. I do have some fabricated objects from another simpler script that applies only to regular meshes.

The results and discussion can be found on my recent paper presented in the Symposium of Computational Fabrication.

"Prototyping Non-Developable Paper Models without Gluing Tabs"






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