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Hey All -

I'm excited to announce a new Human update with a boatload of new features and functionality. 

Here's the detailed change log for this release:

  • Added Directory Contents component
  • Added Texture Mapping components: Box, Planar, Spherical, Cylindrical, and Surface.
  • Added Custom Preview with Bitmap Materials component
  • Added Convert To Document Units component
  • Added Explode Blocks Recursively component
  • Added Plot Weight to Create Attributes and Object Attributes components
  • Enabled Layer Full Path support for Create/Modify Layers, Object Attributes, Dynamic Pipeline, Layer Table, and Create Attributes components.
  • Enabled the Dynamic Pipeline component to listen for updates to lights.
  • Fixed a bug where Dynamic Pipeline would not deserialize properly
  • Fixed a bug where Explode Blocks would not remember its properties
  • Deprecated Box to Box Transform component
  • Deprecated Objects By Layer component in favor of Dynamic Pipeline
  • Added ability to specify diffuse and transparency bitmap textures to the Create/Modify Materials component

It's still in the validation queue for food4rhino, but you can download it directly here:

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Great! Looking forward to test the texture mapping components. Manipulating a mesh according colour values from a picture looks very promising to me.. Thank you!

The first line of text that went to my email and my eye just picked up is "Human Update", sounded so cyborg. 

Anyways, Andrew, good stuff. Effort appreciated.

What a handy boatload! Tanks!

Nice work Andrew.

I have a Wish for you. Is there any chance you could bring your excellent dynamic value list in line with Davids with the different options, specifically the Check List version.

Well, since you asked so nicely... I'm leaving this in Beta for the moment... but give it a try and let me know if it seems to be working properly. 


Thanks andrew,

I have very limited pc access today so i will give it a go next week and let you know.

Works great!

Thank you

Thought You might like to see a use for this. Here I'm using [Boundary Volume] to define tanks in a ship using your [Dynamic Value List] in the Check List mode

Nice one, Danny!

(Andrew, I noticed an error on the tooltip for surface mapping...)

Thanks fred, good catch - will correct for the next release.

that's awesome, I love it. Glad you suggested this!!

Thank you Andrew!






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