algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all,

I need to keep data from loop 0 to loop n, but once the false test comes to B* and the HS jumps to the next loop count, all generated data is erased/reseted.

I'd read the forum, i'd read about append/prepend, which I can't find right-clicking in the component.

I've tried to write solutions out to a file with a c# componet someone'd shared in there, but this is complicated to articulate in many definitions (you need to call back that file, etc)

I hope i'm missing something, which is more tha possible...

Does someone know how to do that, Thxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Simply connect up a data record component. You'll need to activate it before activating HS. You'll also need to reset it too before re-running.

Hi Paul, Thanks¡ Did think about it.

I just tried as you pointed but HS still kills the data, even in the data recorder. Don't know whats going on. C output should store everything, shouldn't it?

Hey, I meant that I DIDN'T think about it...

can you post an image or your script






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