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Hi! For some reason the "REST raster" component is not really working for me. It might be that it has some trouble saving or loading the image I want to visualize. I am uploading the code for you to check it out. Any ideas?


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Ok I was missing a "\" bar at the end of the path. Now I can save the image but still I don´t see the one corresponding the address I have selected. Instead, I get a global pic. Please see JPG attached.


It seems to be working for me.  All I did was change the file location for the RESTRaster component to "C:\temp\" so it could work on my machine and input a new reference curve for the boundary.  


Well I don´t know I am using the exact same code as you and it does not work at all... have a look at the JPG please, it is out of scale.


Strange...Can you also post the Rhino file you are using?

Sure! it is just a blank file with a rectangle...


The issue is that the rectangle is so far away from the origin (5,481km) that it is out of the bounds of the raster service.  The service will just send back the full earth map in this case.  Try moving the center of the rectangle to the origin.

Well I moved the rectangle and it didn´t work. I also tried to modify the units but... nothing.


Your rectangle is approx. 2,400km x 2,600km, so your result is expected.  If you want to focus in on an area, make the rectangle smaller.





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