algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi, I have a problem, heron work correctly with USA, but if I change city to,for example, London or Moscow, I see only black square on rhino viewport.

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What source are you using for the aerial imagery?

I understand what you mean, I used another node. Now it work correctly.
But still I can't create relief,road and so on.

How do you fixed the problem of the black Image?

Try using the ESRI World Imagery source instead of USGS from the Heron Example file.

This is the error that the definition show me when i use the ESRI world Imagery.
The other images is the image i use


Try including a "\" at the end of your Folder Location string.

The same thing, i dont know if the problem is because of the image, but i use a jpge from google earth

I had the same issue. I just change the prefix text from 'GET REST RASTER IMAGERY': 'aerial' to 'a', and it worked.






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