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Hi! I am quite new to heron and i want to make a street and nearby area model of a hilly terrain. I have got a reference script, but it shows these errors. Kindly help.


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For the errors in Screenshot (28), the Heron example definition uses these essential add-ins:

Human (

TT Toolbox (

MeshEdit (

Weaverbird (

Make sure to install them before opening the example file.

For the Screenshot (27) error, make sure all of the *.dll files that came in the zip archive are unblocked and that you are using the Heron GHA.  You may have to replace the component with a new one from the Heron menu.

Thank you sir for you kind response. Some errors have gone but some are still there. Can you help me out with this? I have updated all the components you have told me. Waiting for your response.

Thank you!


In Screenshot (29) it appears TT Toolbox did not install properly.  And can you post what the error messages say from Screenshot (30)?

yes sure!

Thank you


TT Toolbox error is gone now.

but still have screenshot 30 problem


Ok, that looks like Heron cannot find the Newtonsoft.Json.dll that comes in the zip file.  Either it needs to be unblocked or it needs to be moved to the folder that Heron.GHA is in.  Hope that helps.

Thank you

A different error has eccoured


Try replacing that component with a new one from the Heron menu.

Hi, I have recently installed heron and while trying to run the REST Geocode component I am getting the following error:

1. Solution exception:Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: S. Path '', line 0, position 0.

Any idea?





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