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When I plug the US Census Vectors into Get REST Service Layers, I get the error "The Request was Aborted: Could Not Create SSL/TLS Secure Channel."  Any idea on how to fix this?  Thanks!1.jpg

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It appears the U.S. Census Bureau has moved from HTTP to HTTPS for their web servers.  I will need to tinker with Heron's get request code to work with HTTPS and create a "secure channel".  For now, the REST components will only work with HTTP websites.

Thank you for your reply,just for now are there anyother website I can use to creat layout?

Thank you & looking forward to new version of Heron's!!!

Hi Brian, did you already solve the https issue? 


Dear Brian,

Were you able to fix this issue?



Apologies for the *super* long delay on this!  After some testing, it appears the RESTLayer component does work with some HTTPS ArcGIS REST servers (such as this one:, just not the one from the US Census.  I've found if I just add a couple lines of code (from here), the component will work as expected.  I will update this in the next version of Heron I am working on.

In the meantime, oddly enough, if you know the exact layer from the US Census HTTPS service you'd like query, the RESTVector component does still seem to work.  You could browse their services starting here:  Once you find the service you want, say Local Roads (, you could plug the string into RESTLayer component, making sure to add a "/" to the end of the string.

Let me know if this helps.


Just wondering if this ever got cleared up?

It seems to be working with the tests I've done using Heron 0.3.0 available in the Yak Package Manager.  Note that Heron 0.3.0 has been open-sourced and is under active development, so it is best to replace all the older components with new ones.  Please let me know if you still get errors with the new components.

I was worried it might be a Rhino 6 thing, thanks for your help though! Heron is amazing!






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