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Boolean union 3d buildings with MorphoMesh for ENVImet

Antonello Di Nunzio, recently released a new grasshopper plugin MorphoMesh.
The plugin improves Rhino's mesh operations by enabling booleans, offset, remesh, simplify, convert to minecraft... etc.:

One of them: boolean union is very useful to merge all Gismo's 3d buildings and 3d roofs into a single closed mesh. Such mesh can be used as an input for Dragonfly ENVI-met components:

An example file with installation requirements can be found in here (section "Workflow 4 - From Gismo + MorphoMesh To ENVI_MET model").

Thank you for the new great plugin Antonello!

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Great news @djordje and @Antonello!

Thanks for this new contribution.







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