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I am trying to receive UDP messages in Grasshopper from MAX MSP, and I've run into some issues.  I think that the two programs are talking to each other because the UDP reciever in GHowl runs fine when the component is set up to receive text signals (# 0=text).  When I switch it to read UDP instead (999=UDP) then the whole program shuts down.  Some messages refer to the need for a JIT debugger..?


I'm attaching photos of the error messages.  Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?

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I have one suggestion off the top of my head:


Whenever I have sent packets of info out of MaxMSP, into anything, I used a different component than udpsend, because it caused me some grief. I cannot remember what the other component was called, but I believe it was a jitter component. I will try to find out what it was. Also, don't be afraid to call Cycling '74 (makers of MaxMSP) they are pretty friendly guys and willing to help.

Thanks for the reply, and if you remember the component let me know.  I'm a novice with MSP, and, you're right, contacting the company might be a good idea.  

I found the component I used. It is called:


mxj net.udp.send @port 7000


The port number is up to you. I was unable to determine exactly where in Max it was because my trial has expired. The only way I was able to see it was by opening Max in runtime mode. Also, I could not find anything on this in the Cycling 74 documentation, However, I did find some information on different networking components here,, and here, In addition, here is another grasshopper thread discussing how udpsend does not send proper packets or lists of information to grasshopper, but the above mentioned component does. :


Luis, you are also in this thread. By the way, hello old friend. Hope this helps.

Hello Katherine,

You might have a slightly older version of gHowl that had some mistakes in the description of the inputs.

The 999 switch is to receive OSC packets, which are slightly formatted UDP packets.  You want to keep it at 0.




Thanks, Luis.  I guess this means that my issues are with MaxMSP and not with ghowl.  When I keep it on zero I'm getting odd messages (like the float,f??~? that you can see in the image) and not the data numbers that I thought I was sending.  I'll need to work on the patch I'm using in MSP.   

Katherine, can you try converting the numbers into a string (text) variable before you send from MaxMsp.  See if that helps...


I got it to work.  That mxj object solved all the problems.  Thank you both for all your help!  A friend and I are going to use sound data (pitch and noisiness and brightness) to drive a remote controlled car.  Pretty silly, but I think we can now get all our data and our objects to communicate with each other.  

Right on!  Looking forward to see how that thing moves...

Hi people!

I'm having the same issue as katherine, when i receive udp messages in grasshopper there are like: float,f??~? and similar. I never get the numbers I want. I know the problem is in grasshopper because in other software is receiving ok.

Please any help with this?¿?

Try to format the data as text before sending it through to GH.  See if that helps.






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