algorithmic modeling for Rhino

It looks like I can´t use the Xml - parser if I want read from an https

( e. g.,13.... in this case) .

Can someone advise please?

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I tried with a few example files and https didn't seem to work. Does it need to be https?

Unfortunately yes:

"Important: You must submit requests via https, not http."


Https sites encode their data. The XML parser has no input for certificate nor private key (unlike the Pachube/Cosm reader for ex.). Therefore it cannot read secure pages.

I see. Well, maybe something to add in the future, Luis?

Meanwhile using a diffenrent API ( solved my problem.

Thank you all.

This was an easy fix ;)

Will be available in the next update, probably by the the coming weekend.  If you want it before then, I can send it on a case by case basis.  Message me here.



Great! Thanks a lot!

Hi Luis,

not sure If you saw my PM. Would you mind sending me just the parser in advance?

Thanks and Best,







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