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We have a little project in mind, and we want to use the multicast features of the UDP module, to broadcast data from a sensor to other computers, so they can get  the data and make different computations with them.

What's needed for a multicast setup, is at simple as to assign the same IP address ( i.e.) to both the sender and the receiver (which I can't get it to work), or there is something more?

Thanks in advance.

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We have a happy ending, don't know what wasn't working before, but it's as simple as that, fill in the gaps, with an appropiate multicast address :)

I was about to ask if you had the same port, but it seems you found the issue.  Would be cool to see what you are up to!

We set up a machine with a Kinect sensor attached, that would act as a data server using the UDP multicast feature. Students would then catch the data stream, and do something creative with it in just a day of work :)

We didn't have too much time to stress the scenario, and a plethora of students computer firewall configurations ruined the fun :P Not really, we had some interesting works :)

Hi Luis and Juan. Where could I find a proper set-up for a multicasting via UDP?

If the kinect stream is passed from IP (I set this before sending the stream by Processing), the receiver should 'listen' from the same IP, right? 
What if gHowl (working on a virtual machine) tries to listen the Udp message sent from the real(?) machine? Is that kind of communication - real>virtual machines - possible?
Thanks a lot!


I have never tried this (virtual to real or vice versa) so I am not sure.  In principle, what you mention is true the receiver shoud be listening to that IP.



I suspect that the problem is in the network bridge between the real and virtual computer. You'll have to find out if they are redirecting multicast datagrams. What virtual machine are you using? VMware? Bochs? VirtualBox? VirtualPC? Each one use their own network bridge :S


I have a similar project in mind but the connection between my iphone device and gh is not working still. I suppose it's because I am using VMware virtual machine, but I'm not so sure?

Any idee how to solve it?


yes, this is typically an issue but it can definitely be solved.  Unfortunately I do not have such a setup so I cannot comment on how to solve it.  Is there a way to pass ip information to the windows virtual machine?

Yes, I think so. I'll manage to figure it out...


Hi all,

Ok, so I tried to figure out how to use gHowl with my macintosh by running Windows XP via VMware Fusion, but it still does'nt works. The wifi connection is recognized as an ethernet one.

I have already set up my network card of my virtual machine in NAT mode, so I can use the local wifi internet connection from my XP virtual machine. But nothing is happen on the OSC_dispach exemple file (if you look at the screenshot).

If someone has an idea, it could be precious to me.

Thank you so much.







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