algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hey again

How does it work if you want to import and export the same .xml file, when the ghowl xml import has 4 output parameters, and the ghowl export has 2 input parameteres ?


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And how or where do you find the assembly reference for ghowl ?

Can you try to stream the contents to the original file name?

Nope :( (I cant) I have attached the .xml file. I did also replace string on the danish letters æøå.

Dunno, if you have any good idea ? 


I tried change around to get the right name in the xml, but the characters a not valid. But the same characters which a not valid, is used in the xml sheet. Can this be worked around, or is it because its some kind of speciel .xml file ?


Think its the tag rid, which makes the problem. Is their a way to avoid this ?

and in this case?

no one?

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