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Hola Luis, 

Im trying to connect a kinect to GH using Ghowl and have managed to a very limited extent.  Im using Delicode NI mate to send the joint floats as OSC and the Ghowl UDP receiver to get the data into grasshopper.  

My problem is I dont know how to get multiple joint data simultaneously and eventually sorted.  So if I am translating the floats to point coordinates I dont know how to make multiple points move according to a corresponding skeleton joint.  I can only get the stream in as a single source. Thats my first problem.

The second problem Im having is that it would seem that the receiver prioritizes one data source over another.  For example if i´m exporting only left and right hand coordinates from delicode the receiver only registers the right hand movements and seems to ignore what the left is doing.  The delicode log says both joint data are being logged but on GH I can only see one moving.  So my single stream source doesnt jump around between both coordinates as Delicode logs them; it only registers the right hand, as if the right hand was the only data sourced being received.  

Im sure that both parts of the problem are connected in that I dont know exactly what Im doing.  If you could help me out Id appreciate it. 

Thanks on the great work by the way.



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Have you tried the OSC Channel or OSC Dispatch Components?  They are useful when working with OSC communication.  You can set up the specific 'device' to listen to (i.e. left arm, right arm, etc) and the component will store those specific values.

How does the info come across at the moment?  You should be receiving some address and then the data from that address.  Does this ring a bell?  If you can show me how the data comes through, I can help you to access it properly.

Unfortunately, I do not have my kinect with me at the moment, so I cannot test this...



Hola Luis,

Thanks for the reply.  

Im attaching an image to show you how the data is coming through.  

There´s no data on the OSC channel component.  So it would seem that its not getting anything for the left hand.  But the log on Delicode its registered as active.  

On the Dispatch component it mostly registers the Right Foot although if I stop moving the right foot I see it registers the right hand sometimes. Sometimes one of the other joints.  Never the Torso.  

Maybe my problem is Delicode?  What software would you recommend using for activating the kinect and registering the users movement?

Ive installed firefly but the only components not installing (at least I cant see them on the panel) are the kinect components.  Murphys law...

And lastly another question:

Is there a way to store all the data coming in?  Maybe add the data to a list that stores all coordintaes, Not only the last 5? 

Ideally Id like to have 5 different lists.  One for each of the 5 joints Im trying to track.

Thanks again for the help.  





Seems to me that the Dispatch is working OK, you have the data from each (except the torso) coming in.  The torso might not have generated any data yet. The D output should just be showing the device that is currently receiving data.

To store all of the values, I would graft the output from the dispatch component and send it to a data recorder component.  This way each of your inputs will be saved in its own list.


Well its mostly coming out right.  Im blaming my old computer for the data it may be skipping.  But you are right there doesnt seem to be a problem with how im using the components.  Definitely nothing wrong with the components thats for sure.

Thanks for your help Luis.








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